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Satyana 12-04-2019 20:29

feedback for borneo red enhanced : just lovely, deep red colour filled with water and smells like my own cooked extracts, very fine grinded and "hand made" superior enhancement quality. With my tolerance half a teaspoon much enough. Thanks for your offer.

Julian Batt 11-04-2019 21:56

the best red and strong kratom i ever had! it feels very warm an i can get easy into sleep. it helps against pain in the body! in time i will buy more of it:)

Max Greb 02-07-2018 04:29

For me it's the perfect strain against anxiety and a shitty mood. Frank always offers the highest quality. He is the best.

Luise Sorofka 01-05-2018 14:04

war echt gut versand etwas lange aber schiebe ich auf deutsche post. leider haben mir paar euro für das 250+50 angebot gefehlt sonst hätte ich das gleich geholt

Pierre Köppe 23-05-2017 22:45

Really strong, for me the strongest in whole europe... never had this good quality

Pierre Köppe 23-05-2017 22:44

very nice kratom if you like it hard, never had any better kratom. in the game for over 7 years.

George M. 21-05-2017 18:22

This is an excellent red strain and currently one of the best reds you can get in Europe. This has brought the magic of kratom back for me. A++ quality

John France 19-05-2017 15:38


Sandra B. 12-05-2017 01:50

Expected it was good, but this strain is best I ever painted with
B.T.W Frans the shopkeeper must be nicest man in kratom land, even in night time he is there to answer:)

johnnyV 05-05-2017 19:46

exellent one! if you like it deep,red and strong,this one is for you! the more you take, the stronger it become(of course),but never in a stressed overwhelming way.this particular strain is abble to help to "down" other strains( borneo white,thai maenda by exemple) when "too much" has been taken and when the effects become a bit "too stressing". a must-have!

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