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Krtm <3 18-06-2024 00:01

I had a doubt when I ordered but for my part it really does the job. Very convenient and easy to use. I will be back :)

LTC 08-06-2024 20:54

Finally discount!! :) Just kidding! Tried sample months ago, SUPERB but it was always too expensive for a student like me :) Thank you Frankratom Just ordered 10 grams

Dear customer
Yes received the order Thank you Good weekend

Natalia D 20-05-2024 12:45

Like many people, I grew skeptical of the extracts, but this one surprised me with its painting potency, making it great for traveling when you don't feel like carrying too much pigment.

Krtmfn 04-12-2023 17:13

Extract =t 6*rs !! Absolute not for beginners :) Employee Frank is always fast with answering , shipping and always a personal note And not to forgot the candies and tea

J B 14-10-2023 02:27

This was the first time I bought from Etcetera. Was doubting after several purchases of extract during the years But this 27% extract is what I was looking for, very strong painting material, worth the money!
Furthermore, very nice, fast customer service. The candy was also much appreciated. Definitely come back J.B

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